Online classes of draw and paint

Conducting individual lessons on the Internet-

* By agreement with you, we choose a program for the lessons — Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TeamViewer.

** No trial free classes

Prepayment for the lesson. Classes are held after payment.
The time is selected convenient for you.


One academic hour (45 minutes) = $ 16.
Two academic hours (90 minutes) = $ 27. ( Bonus – 2 hours is CHEAPER )

Drawing - Online Classes for Beginners
Painting - Online Activities for Beginners
Composition - Online Classes
Coloristic - Online Lessons for Beginners
Perspective - Online Classes for Beginners
Plastic Anatomy - Online Classes

Drawing sketches by pencil human figures still life landscape plein-air

* Fist steps how to make picture by watercolour or oil on canvas