Furniture and Interior Design

Design development, those who study as a designer

From creative design … to embodiment … the course of a novice designer. The educational works of students on the design of small forms of interior objects is presented, mainly furniture, the existing objects were taken as a basis. Almost all of the works were done using the watercolor technique; in rare cases (as an addition), colored pencils and white were used. These are the results of students’ creative work after 2 months of training in the ‘Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting’ under the creative guidance of Andrey Efimoff. And these are not master classes in which supposedly in two hours you can learn what design is and “become” a Designer (don’t flatter yourself). We should understand that painstaking work is being done to study the basics of the Visual Arts, and it takes a lot more time. You see the test work performed by students at the International Design School (St. Petersburg). To students were given the task to realize their creative potential, using the acquired knowledge and skills.

Master classes how paint pictures and draw sketches of nude and landscapes

* Learning classes of fine at the art studio of painter