• Lessons of drawing and painting can be interesting to people living in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), who want to get knowledge of these subjects.
• Andrey Ivanovich Efimoff is teaching for over 30 years. He developed the original method of teaching the basics of fine craftsmanship for beginners. The method expounds the rules for many years of experience of the artist and a teacher. Over years of fruitful teaching (tutoring) activity Andrey Ivanovich enrollment (in his method) of more than 300 people.
Many pupils who used to study at his direction, now are professionals – in different areas of the art world – interior design, furniture, landscape, some are artists in the theaters, some of them engaged in a professional animation, someone continues to study at institutions and getting high education – architector, sculptor, painter, graphicer, etc.
Andrey Efimoff is a member of the Union of Artists (Russia) since 1990.
The author of theory and methodology of how to teach to draw and paint.
• Core of the system is a method of Three-dimensional-spatial perceptions and thinking about surrounding world i.e. research all costructions intercoupling in a space as three- dimensional forms.
• Teacher does not make any job for students, he only explains and shows how is necessary to perceive and express objects, what kind of technical methods desirable in different cases, he depicts all of help on additional sketches (outline-help), and it’s very important, as in the end of draw or paint you will get your own “understanding” or some “failure” as it will be a result of all your activities through the lessons.
• Individual approach of giving knowledge to every student means that for every training a personal scheme of study is developed , this depends on many circumstances, such as – a velocity and possibility to accept the material of training; initial basement of knowledge etc.
• Education leads and expands in all main artistic directions. It depends of the tasks that students want to get and solve, it may take different time and effort. The initial stage of learning of drawing is based on such artistic materials as graphite pencil, and later it is possible to use coal, sepia or pastel. Coloured painting is based of using watercolors, acrylic, tempera, gouache and oil paint.
•The painter gives exercises at his studio, it is close to ‘Sennaija Ploshad’ in Saint-Petersburg, only 3 minutes by foot from Metro Stations – Sadovaja, Spasskaja or Sennaija Ploschad. The time of classes can be negotiated and it’s possible to change always.
• One lesson lasts for 2 hours (120 min) – the fee is up 2500 rubles for.

Lessons of drawing and painting for adults in Saint-Petersburg

* Fist steps how to make picture by watercolour or oil on canvas