Basic Rules

• This site says about possibility how to get some knowledge of learning to draw and paint in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
 It could be interesting for foreign habitats, whom are living in the city and do not speak enough in Russian.
 Content of the site informs You without any mediator, it's all directly to coach.
 All your questions you may ask the teacher who gives lessons of draw and paint.

• Please, do not think what to learn paint and draw is easy and it is possible to pass the way of study that deep and long, but this is a wrong ‘way' of thinking that. Drawing - is the first point of the process to understand forms and construction of forms, process of investigate the variety of forms. Painting – we may call it as a strong-correct and literate "supplied" drawing, vested in picturesque colorful 'dress' . Without a good grammar of drawing your painting will never come to good art!

• Remember, it's Impossible - to get immediately best professional skills of to draw only sea, flowers or only pussy cat or horsy. All of that is a self-deception, an illusion that it's possible to race through "needle ear" avoiding bases of theory. Often we think that is simply to guess how is painter can make his visible tricks, we only need to watch him a few times and his secrets will come to us easy!

• Sequence sheduling of program must be phased and onward. Do not take the ultra difficult tasks on the start, remember you could not solve lessons of 9 class, being a pupil of 1-st, here is the same in drawing and painting.

• Before take classes find information about teacher and his background. Inquire a gossip about his status in the artistic society.

• Be careful, do not believe deceivers, those say what artistic wisdoms is possible to learn for a short time and become the professional, and that some where exists such sorcerer, which can make from you the best artist by leaps and bounds.


12 years old and over

• To start study for realistic style drawing is a best on 12-14 old and older without restriction of age. • Educational programs for children younger than 12 age is most different as the programs for adults. Children under 12 (5 - 10) do not ready to understand yet many things and unable to make all requirement for getting knowledge. They can paint only "decorative" pictures following with own emotions.
 Please, do not undertake any action to teach them ‘realistic style’, do not push children to draw best before 12 !!!