Sketches, drawing from nature Set in a group - Sketches. Nude Model. 2 lessons 1 lesson lasts 2 hours = 120 minutes. Make Application >> Collecting the group around - 5-7 people. 'Sketch (sketch)' - is recruiting a group of the day Saturday and Sunday .. If you are a beginner and you do not have the basic skills and little experience to draw simple things such as - still lifes, plaster figures ..., the result is likely to be below average, so think before you sign up for these classes. Nevertheless, the teacher always explains the conduct of business (not pictured) with a demonstration schemes skeletal muscle and ligaments, ie Plastic anatomy - and this is an important moment for studying the structure figure of a man. We are waiting for all comers. "Sketches" The cost of 2 sessions - 1000 rubles. on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00. Send Application >> << Now

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