• The site informs about possibility how to get some knowledge of learning to draw and paint in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
It could be interesting for foreign habitats, whom are living in the city and do not speak enough in Russian.
Content of the site informs You without any mediator, it's all directly to coach.
All your questions you may ask the teacher who gives lessons of draw and paint.

Good skilled teacher ( expirience more 30 years) giving classes - Drawing, Painting, Composition, Perspective, Human Anatomy.
A variety of the directions - painting, design, architecture, history of the fine arts.
Consultations on all questions about art education.
Preparation of entrants for get exams at higher schools, art colleges of school and lyceums.
Training in drawing for beginners (from scratch).
Classes are on the individual schedule, i.e. at any time convenient for you, and fee comes after every taken lesson - (nor abonnement !).

9, Stoliarniy Lane  - (near to metro "Sennaya Square").
The subway stations - "Sadovaya", "Spasskaya", "Sennaya Ploschad ".
IMPORTANT - Classes only with adults -
The age of 12 years and over.
At the initial stage of training is carried out only individual lessons.
Subsequently, sometimes forming small groups of 2-3 people, depending on the level of training.

Attentive relation. Accurate, clear program of action. Teacher always close and direct the learning process. Each task is explained in detail - analysis of all phases of work, both in drawing and in painting. Explanation of the theoretical principles of shape analysis, composite solutions, the basics of colour science (of colour) ...  Phone us +7(950)0348745 - from 9:00 am  - till 23:00 pm. Or write an E-mail
All your questions will hearing attentively and politely explain to you everything.